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Studio quality light on location.

Denver Commercial Photographer David Tejada Is One Of Colorado's Most Highly Regarded Location Corporate Photographers ...

internationally recognized for his dramatic and innovative photographic lighting techniques and graphic style. Also known for his approachable personality, David has the reputation of being a person who is easy to work with who takes the worry out of corporate work. With more than thirty years of shooting experience, David has developed a clear understanding of both corporate and designer needs. His work successfully integrates exciting color and strong graphic compositions to effectively communicate his client’s message.

Please take a few moments to view his on-line portfolio, showcasing fine executive portraiture, energy, oil & gas, mining, healthcare and all around great corporate imagery.

David shoots for many graphic design firms and Fortune 500 companies in Denver, Colorado and nationwide. With over 30 years of annual report photography experience, David is at home hovering in a helicopter over a drill rig in the Andes, creating dramatic lighting in a laboratory setting, or shooting a CEO portrait in New York City. He is also an effective communicator, comfortable with all employees from management to support field staff, and sensitive to the political and inter-personal issues at work. David treats each assignment as an editorial essay, stressing strong, compelling images that communicate the story. Finally, he is an excellent problem solver, adapting quickly to changing conditions and technical challenges, remaining focused on the assignment goals while adhering to practical time and financial constraints.  You can download one of our super brochures by clicking the following LINK.  See what David's clients have to say!

David is now offering a very cool and affordable way of capturing aerial images for his clients. David is a FAA certified Remote Pilot Certificate Holder with a small UAS rating. With today's advanced technologies, David is able to fly his aerial platform (Quadcopter) to the precise location for photographs and video coverage.

By way of WiFi connection David is able to view the scene in real time on his smartphone (monitor) allowing for precise composition.  Not only is it less expensive then hiring a "real" helicopter, the Quadcopter can fly safely lower, much closer to it's subject.   Because these Quadcopters are GPS enabled, satellite telemetry will hold the Quadcopter hover rock solid stationary over it's subject.  How cool is that!

Give us a call to discuss your aerial needs.  For more then 30 years we have provided outstanding photographic services for our clients. We look forward to serving you.